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Some time ago, Vogue summarized the 39 "most interesting" things in the four major fashion weeks of the autumn and winter 2019 just past.For example, Rodarte's "Flower Show" at Huntington Library in California is really beautiful.The last series of the "L

Many girls who feel that their proportions are not good or their height are not too high are always resistant to flat shoes. They think that any look must be matched with high heels to go out beautifully. In fact, flat shoes can also show height, but you

In this season when there are a lot of outings, whether you are going to a carnival or an outing to watch the sunrise, hot pants are the best items for a concave shape show. However, although hot pants are versatile, they are also very sophisticated in de

Leave the luxurious bridal gowns with long skirts to traditional people. This season focuses on dramatic and minimalist wedding dress styles. Vogue chooses the coolest bridal trends of 2019Reality: Not every bride dreams of getting married on a remote bea

Have you been swiped by a new song in the past two days? Many people in the circle of friends are sharing? Can you hear this song even when you walk outside? Yes, it is Wu Yifan's new song "Big Bowl Wide Noodles".This new song, written and composed by Wu

Spring and summer are more suitable for wearing energetic items. The Slogan Tee made by celebrities and fashion bloggers is a simple and not error-prone choice.No matter how the fashion changes, T-shirts will always be a must-have item for girls’ wardrob

The Queen of England will turn 93 on April 21. Vogue will take you back to her fashion features-from tulle tulle dresses to bright colorful skirt suits, iconic Launer bags, Anello & Davide flats, and even Burberry headscarves.With her rich epoch-defining

Only sportswear is suitable for wearing caps? NO! Peaked caps, as a very casual and leisurely style, can actually make you concave in minutes. Moreover, the caps of various patterns and styles can also add highlights to the shape. Sometimes adding a hat w

Do not know what to wear every day to work? There is a single product that can solve this problem. All kinds of shirts and skirts meet the various requirements of commuting and are very fashionable. Moreover, shirt skirts are also an eye-catching weapon w

Not long ago, in our push, we talked about the new style of Princess Kate recently. Many readers left messages in the background, saying that they are very interested in Princess Kate’s new stylist. Then, let’s talk about it today——After all, for a lo

Sun, sea, beach, these words are reminiscent of summer vacation style. How can there be less blue dress if you want to take high praise photos during summer vacation? Let’s take a look today, where is the beauty of the blue dress~Han Xue’s blue suspende

Speaking of striped shirts, it dates back to the 1920s when American artist Gerald Murphy brought French navy striped elements into the fashion circle. Despite its long history, stripes have been popular until now. The striped shirt is an indispensable it

From newly opened restaurants and must-see museums, to shopping destinations and best party locations, Vogue visits local hipsters and brings you the ultimate Shanghai guide.With its vigorous development of innovation and its continuously consolidated sta

This month is the month to discover Australian talent. Although we are all looking forward to the 2020 holiday collection of Mercedes-Benz Australia Fashion Week, we have not forgotten to pay attention to several outstanding designers outside the show.Pic

Last week, Anne Hathaway left her name on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. After 20 years of debut, she finally got her own star. She was so emotional that she wept for a while. She is also well-deserved for her acting and appearance.She wore exquisite makeup

Tired of wearing round neck and V neck? Think the shirt collar is too professional? A gentle woman with a neckline that can make you calm in seconds, the key is to look thin. Whether it's a petite or tall girl, the one-line collar can be perfect for you.

Summer is about to come, and the sports wind is about to get hot. Sportswear is no longer what you can wear during student or sports days. This energetic look is an eye-catching artifact for daily outings. The youthful and unpretentious style is what it s

We all know that the little white dress is pure and the little black dress is elegant, but if you want to get out of the crowd at once, the red dress is your best "nirvana". The beauty, clarity, and dignity of the red dress can make you sparkle all at onc

Beach and seaside are indispensable in summer, and straw woven bags are "frequent visitors" in these places. With a straw bag on your back, the exotic atmosphere is very good. However, nowadays fashionistas are no longer limited to the style of straw wove

What happened? To put it simply, this girl pretends to be a fraud in the Upper East Side. She has three seemingly contradictory identities-first, she is a female liar who defrauded New York celebrities, hotels and banks for a total of 275,000 US dollars (

Fashionable girls are more suitable for strappy sandals, even if you wear them all summer, they are not easy to get tiredThe weather is getting hotter, it's time to buy a new pair of sandals! Strap sandals have been very popular in the past two years, but

Many fairies worry about how to wear tops and bottoms to look good every day. In fact, there is a rule that allows you to easily solve the problem of real wear, fashion, and durability. That is to wear pure colors. The solid color outfit can actually brin

For a long time, French fashion has been regarded as the norm, and there are countless books about them on the market. They carefully analyze the length of the hem of the skirt, the cutting position of the sleeves, and the layout design of the formal jack

Traveling in summer needs to be small and light, the most popular among the fairies is the versatile mini bag. However, the mini bag is small, but it packs the whole fashion~ Starting this summer, wear fresh clothes, carry the mini bag, and make money whe

The transparent PVC, which has never been fashionable before, can make you unique in every day of this summer, whether it is hand-held or cross-body. To refuse to be regarded as a "little transparent", we have to use our killer feature-PVC transparent bag

There are many reasons for celebrities' body changes, but often we always default to "getting fat" because of "negligence in body management". In fact, many times they are not unable to lose weight, but involuntarily "passively fat".Recently, the casting

Most people have a good impression of red, but red has become a color that most people don't dare to choose in daily wear. In fact, in summer, wearing a red dress not only looks white, but also brightens your mood throughout the bitter summer. Let's take

Slippers were originally the most common daily life in home life, but in today's fashion trend, all kinds of slippers have become a kind of "lazy fashion" element. Many beauty-loving girls like to wear all kinds of slippers out of the street. Comfortable

Fairy skirts, to put it plainly, are gauze skirts. Yarn skirt is a kind of skirt made of yarn as the fabric. The types of yarn are different, such as organza, georgette, chiffon and so on. Many people always think that fairy skirts can only be worn at the

For example, Lin Junjie, the first Polo Ralph Lauren x 2019 Wimbledon Tennis Tournament ambassador, took a photo with Bai Jingting and Cui Siyuan. Many people said when they met, it was a bit of a breakthrough.Every year in the Wimbledon stands, we can al

In recent years, the super hot box bags are very popular among fashionistas. Regardless of its small size, the square and round designs are actually very practical, and they are also very versatile in all styles of clothes. Many people think that box bags

The wedding season is approaching, and you may still struggle with how to determine the elusive best outfit. Don't panic on shopping spree: When the matching inspiration dries up this season, the worry-free solution is: a gorgeous long skirt and bold and

Many fairies are always struggling with the size of the baby. There are many large packages but heavy weight. The small packages are light but contain few things. So designers created a bucket bag-it can fit, but not heavy, the key is very fashionable. Ne

If you want to put on a straw hat this summer and stand out, then draw inspiration from the most popular movie goddess in the history of Vogue magazineThe straw hat goddess on the screenIf you want to put on a straw hat this summer, you can take inspirati

"September is the new year of the fashion industry." The status of the September issue is self-evident. For this cover shoot, we have invited three of the most heavyweight supermodels-Natalia Vodianova, Du Juan and He Sui."Vogue Fashion and Beauty" Septem

Queen Victoria started the "white wedding" wave in the mid-19th century, and Hollywood and royal brides followed suit. Today, white has become a wedding classic, and even the finale dress style of the haute couture show. Vogue takes you back to the histor

Nowadays, people wearing jumpsuits may no longer be used to skydive, work in the ammunition workshop, or pay tribute to Elvis, but there is no doubt that this piece is still one of the most favorite designs in the fashion industry. Vogue counts the past a

Shirts are a single product that can be worn all year round, and the fresh and all-match white shirt is one of the single products that will not feel tired no matter how worn.Whether it is a long or short design, because of its fit tailoring, fresh and br

Harem trousers, which are quite popular in recent years, originally originated from the wearing of Islamic harem women. They have gradually become popular after being improved by designers. They have made the girls who love beauty wear different styles of


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